Maritza Parra is an artist, coach, and creator of Heartwork Journaling. Using simple creative lessons, she helps people increase their emotional literacy in order to process feelings, heal the past and promote self-discovery. Her unique approach was developed from her personal journey of healing from childhood trauma through understanding and gently guiding her emotions.

Through her livestreams, online classes and retreats, she’s helped thousands of clients and students rediscover their own power through play. Her work has also helped students develop the skills to tune into and courageously follow their intuition more often. Additionally, through setting intentions and visualizing them, her clients have achieved financial goals including making over $100K in sales in 2 months.

Over her career, Maritza has been featured on PBS, ESPN, as well as Oprah & Friends: The Soul Series. She has shared the stage with Barbara Corcoran, Joan Rivers, Marie Forleo, and Dan Kennedy. Maritza’s upcoming book, Heartwork Journaling, is due for publication in May 2018.

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